Extra Virgin Olive Oil Quality


It all starts here

The farmers pick the olives from the olive trees through a careful process. They then transport the harvest directly to the nearest oil mill.

Step 2

From the country to the mill

There, in the olive mills, the olive juice is obtained by a cold pressing method, which gives rise to different types of olive oil.

Step 3

A sample of the best

At Bertolli we receive oil samples from all over the world.

We carry out tests in our laboratories to select the best quality oils: we evaluate the physical and chemical properties of the oil, we assess its sensory characteristics through internal tasters…

It’s a long process, but no one said that being a high quality oil brand was easy.

Step 4

Welcome to the Bertolli factory

Once the samples have been selected, we distribute them to our Bertolli factories.

When the trucks arrive at the factory, we repeat a “quick test” of the physical and chemical properties to ensure that the olive oil received corresponds to the previous sample we selected.

Step 5

Our raw material: the requirement

We only unload the olive oil from the trucks into our tanks if all the tests are correct. This is where we take a final sample for a more detailed analysis.

Step 6

Our recipe

We come to another key part of our process: the blending. To obtain a high quality olive oil, rich in flavors and nuances, and to satisfy all types of palates, our master blender works by combining different oils.

Once blended, Bertolli’s expert tasters analyze it to assess its properties and sensory characteristics.

Step 7

A process in a bottle

We’ve almost reached the end of the process, filling the result of a laborious process into a bottle of olive oil. Ready to be distributed and to reach the homes of our consumers.

We also keep a few bottles from each production batch for analysis throughout the life of the product.

Step 8

In-store sampling

We also take samples from bottles distributed in stores to analyze their natural evolution throughout their shelf life.


Step 9

Did you also know that...?

-Our laboratories are recognized by the IOC

-Bertolli factories have the following certifications: ISO 9001, BRC, IFS, KOSHER and CERTIFICATE OF ECOLOGICAL PACKAGING.

-And all of them undergo a total of 6 internal audits and approximately 12 external audits per year.